Life is different when you surround yourself with genuine things. Your context, the choices you make and what you consume, all have a tremendous effect on how you feel, which in turn affects the vibrations you put out into the world.

Our pieces are made with love, and we pride ourselves on telling you all about the people who make them as well as the materials they use.


A message for you…

We could try to tell you that we are going to save the planet; but we can’t do that, because that’s not something one can do alone. We can only do that together, and it’s done with every choice we make.

When it comes to shopping for beautiful fashion accessories, there are always plenty of options; however, not every option is a good one in terms of the impact on society or the planet.

You have the right to know where fashion comes from and what it does to the planet. Don´t settle for anything less than that. 

When you buy our products you also support the greater cause of making an impactful shift towards sustainability, social change and a better world.

We hope you’ll join us in making a more sustainable, conscientious and beautiful world. The choice is yours.

a mindful choice


The indigenous lifestyle…

Some might think that the women behind our products are considered impoverished, but these women are not poor. In fact, they are richer than most of the people we know—they live in community, grow their own food, they present awareness about living in harmony with the planet—and all their practices are a reflection of that.

Most importantly, they have a unique passion and zest for life. That love for life and caring for Mother Earth (Pachamama) is in every piece we carry.

We are committed to  share that with you, to feel connected, happy and alive. See, poverty is a state of mind while wealth is a state of the heart.

Our business is about empowering women to share their beauty and their choices, and to connect with each other creating meaningful work, a positive impact on the planet, a contribution to society and beautiful gifts for each other.

Meet our Artisans


About us…

We are a group of people that want to make a change in the world with what we love: fashion. Who thought fashion could be so important to the planet?

We think that what you wear doesn’t define who you are. It does, however, define how you express your self in the Universe. We also believe that sustainability is no longer an option; it’s a must.

With these concepts in mind, we are here to relay the message that sustainable, community-based, artisan-crafted products should be the rule, not the exception. And, of course, they should be beautiful and fun.  Blessings to all women and our passion for beauty and life.

Pamela Soto Krarup, Terra Natural Designs CEO.

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