Meet our Team

Pamela Soto Krarup
Co-Funder & CEO

A chilean woman with the intention of sharing the beauty of the latin culture and the wisdom behind it.

Jesse Schele
Co-Founder & Sales Director

The man that allows magic to happen and preaches about the dream of a better world

Tita Soto Krarup
Vendor Relations and CFO

A woman that creates community and makes them financially healthy.

Sebastian Krarup
Web Sales Manager

A man that supports growth and awesomeness

Dania Krarup
Operations Manager

Striving to create efficiency and a profitable business

Gabriela Navarro
Production Manager

A woman that manages complexity and helps supply the large demand of our products.

Mary Estrin
Customer Service Associate

She makes sure our clients are happy and continue to support us.

Karoline Thornsberry
Account Executive

Always ready to help, she assists our clients making their life easier.